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Below is a short list of how we can help you with your real estate legal needs along with our rates.

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Purchasing Real Estate
The Edmonton real estate market is booming, and we’re here to make sure the purchase of your new home goes smoothly. Hiring lawyer, early in the home-buying process, can save you time, risk and money.
Selling a Property
Selling a property means you’ll be making a number of important decisions. With our expertise, you can be assured you’ll understand each and every step of this complex process.
Mortgage Financing
We can help your Mortgage financing by pulling equity (value) from your property. Using a lawyer ensures you understand your obligations and liabilities under your mortgage.


Please call us at 780-953-7001, or reach us through our contact page.

Pricing Plans

At Umbrella Law we offer top competitive flat rate fees for real estate legal services when buying, selling or financing a home or property.

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